Membership Registration

Please complete the below application form, and submit it and the applicant’s address proof to our Center in person or by post.

Entrance Requirements
  • To fill in our Center’s membership application form
  • Applicants have to be residents in Central and Western District
  • Applicants have to submit the address proof (e.g. water bills, electricity bills, etc.) to our Center in person or by post
  • The application is free of charge
Members’ Benefits
  • To receive our Center’s quarterly bulletin on a regular basis
  • To apply for our activities at discounted prices (Details of discounted prices are subject to the announcement of every separate activity)
  • To be able to register for the use of computers located at our Center’s lobby
  • To be able to register for the lending services of the books placed at our Center’s lobby
Membership Withdrawal
  • Applicants could notify our Center’s staff about the request of membership withdrawal in person, by calling our Center or by post
  • The membership will be removed automatically if applicants have already moved out of our Center’s service boundary