Notes on Enrolment
  • You must attend the activity in person and the registration could not be transferred to or replaced by others. All absentees will be regarded as waiving their rights.
  • Paid fees are not refundable except program cancellation, dates’ change, or unaccepted registration. Regarding the refund, our Center’s staff will notify the participants of the specific date to obtain the refund at our Center shortly.
  • Our Center would notify the participants if there are any changes on activity’s dates and venues. If there are no specific notifications, you could assume that your application has been accepted.
  • After receiving your application form, our Center would give calls to participants regarding the activity’s details before the activity is held.
  • Application deadline: when all the quotas are filled. (This is applicable to all activities, unless otherwise stated.)
  • For those who have financial difficulties, please contact our social worker, who is on duty, to apply for fee remission, but our Center reserves the rights for final decision.
  • During the whole process of the activity, photographs will be taken to serve as publication purposes. The photographs will be published on the Organization’s publications and websites, and will be used on the Center’s videos and promotional materials. If you are not willing to be photographed or you object to the photo use, please notify our Center’s staff when you apply for the activity.
  • During the whole process of the activity, if any of the participants disturb others or our Center’s workers deliberately or without any reasons, the workers have the rights to ask the participants to leave in order to protect others’ rights.